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We need your support!

Our Foundation

Drawers of Hope Resource Center was established on September 11, 2020.


We are non-profit organization that is committed to providing resources 7 days a week to at-risk youth in our community to help overcome everyday challenges they may face. These challenges include things such as hunger, peer pressure, criminal activity, gang violence, verbal and substance abuse, neglect and lack of educational support. 


We focus on “Positive Change” to ensure and influence our youth to defy the odds.


Our resources and program are used to assist in rebuilding and restoring the lives of families in need.


Your donation will be used to provide resources to those in need. Every dollar will be used to ensure our participants can utilize free resources. Please consider becoming a sponsor or donating!

We are currently in need of volunteers! We need extraordinary people who will be committed to fulfill the mission of our organization as we seek to restore and rebuild the lives of those in need of our resources. Please complete the volunteer application if you are interested.

Drawers of Hope Resource Center exists to serve at-risk youth facing obstacles of everyday life.

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