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Drawers of Hope Resource Center is a nonprofit organization established in September 11, 2020. We exist to serve at-risk youth facing obstacles of everyday life. Our primary goal is to provide assistance to at-risk youth ages 9-12. We will also focus on communities and neighborhoods with high youth crime rates, gang related activity and poverty; and rebuilding and restoring lives by providing resources to families. 

Drawers of Hope Resource Center will provide skill training and programs that focus on the following:


  • Faith Motivation  

  • Life Skills

  • Resolutions

  • Confidence Building

  • Educational Goals/ Tutoring

  • Career Planning

  • Family Involvement

  • After-school care

  • First Offenders Program

Drawers of Hope Resource Center is an all-inclusive program that will focus on decreased crime rates, poverty levels and build a firm foundation for successful living for our communities.

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